University Myopia: A Comparison between Scandinavian and Asian Findings

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An update is given regarding myopia prevalence in Danish medical students in their 10th term (n=184). The median age was 26 years. There was a slight female preponderance (101:83). Myopia (from −0.37 to −8 D) appeared in 51% of the females and 47.7% of the males. The median myopia was −1.5 D in the series, Among the myopes, 45% had their onset at age 18 years or later. The rather inoffensive data are in keeping with other Nordic reports but quite different from the alarming myopia findings in Chinese students in Taiwan, Singapore, and Hong-Kong.

Key words

Myopia prevalence University students Adult-onset myopia 


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  1. 1.University Eye Department E 2061, RigshospitaletCopenhagen ØDenmark

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