Optic Nerve Disc in Myopic Children with Increased Intraocular Pressure

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Optic nerve discs of myopic children with increased intraocular pressure were studied in an effort to find signs which differentiate the glaucoma changes of the optic nerve disc from myopic changes. The authors examined 16 eyes of 8 myopic children with increased intraocular pressure. They performed an extended ophthalmological examination and digital image analysis of the head of the optic nerve with planimetric evaluation. In two patients the neuroretinal rim area was above the standard limit. In three patients a small neuroretinal rim area made the diagnosis of glaucoma probable. In two patients with anisometropia the rim area was smaller in the eye with higher myopia than in that with low myopia. The main factor distinguishing myopic changes of the optic nerve disc from glaucomatous changes is the neuroretinal rim area.

Key words

Myopia Glaucoma Optic nerve disc Neuroretinal rim area 


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  1. 1.Eye Disease Diagnostic OfficeZlinCzech Republic

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