SMES in Alaska

  • T. Aslam
  • Stephen F. Kral
Conference paper


The application of a 1800 Megajoule and under 50 MVA Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage (SMES) system is presently under consideration and development for the Anchorage Municipal Light and Power (ML&P) interconnected in the Alaska Railbelt Electrical system. The commercial operation is planned for the year 1998 after the SMES is installed in ML&P’s 115 kV Transmission system. The project is expected to provide primarily spinning reserves, voltage support and other reliability benefits. Initial estimates show that economic benefits could be up to two million dollars a year for ML&P and there is also a potential for ecomomic benefits to all interconnected electric utilities in the Alaska system. Additional studies are being undertaken for further technical and economic benefit analysis and size optimization.


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