Application of Transition Metal Substituted α-Keggin Silicon Polyoxotungstates as Oxidation Electrocatalyst

  • Masahiro Sadakane
  • Eberhard Steckhan


Transition-Metal (Mn, Co, Fe, and Cr) substituted silicon polyoxotungstates (SiW11O39Mn−) can be used successfully as electrocatalyst for alcohol oxidation. The behavior of a manganese substituted silicon polyoxotungstate (K6SiW11O39Mn(II)(H2O)) under electrochemical oxidation conditions was investigated by means of cyclic voltammetry and the formation of the active complex SiW11O39Mn(OH) was confirmed.


Cyclic Voltammetry Anodic Oxidation Counter Anion Alcohol Oxidation Potassium Cation 
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Authors and Affiliations

  • Masahiro Sadakane
    • 1
  • Eberhard Steckhan
    • 1
  1. 1.Kekulé-Institut für Organische Chemie und BiochemieUniversität BonnBonnGermany

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