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Reproductive Endocrinology of the European Eel, Anguilla anguilla

  • Sylvie Dufour
  • Elisabeth Burzawa-Gerard
  • Nadine Le Belle
  • Miskal Sbaihi
  • Bernadette Vidal


The mystery of the reproduction of the European eel, in which “seminal liquor nor eggs could never be observed;” was questioned as early as Greek antiquity, by Aristotle, in his writings on “Animal History” and “Animal Generation.” This question initiated a long and still open quest, for the discovery of the eel life cycle and reproduction.


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  • Elisabeth Burzawa-Gerard
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  • Nadine Le Belle
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  • Miskal Sbaihi
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  • Bernadette Vidal
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  1. 1.UMR CNRS/MNHN/UPMC, Biology of Marine Organisms and EcosystemsNational Museum of Natural HistoryParis, Cedex 05France

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