Fuzzy Controllers and Their Application to Water Treatment

  • Kaoru Hirota


In the last several years, applications of fuzzy control have been rapidly increasing; recently such control has become widely used in household electrical appliances. Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. moved quickly to establish expertise in the area of fuzzy control, and has demonstrated its usefulness in controlling the injection of chemicals in a water treatment plant. In 1985 Fuji began to market FRUITAX, the first general-purpose fuzzy control system in Japan[1,2]. Since then, with the increase in demand for fuzzy control technology, Fuji has been steadily increasing sales, mainly in the process control field. In addition, whereas at first fuzzy controllers had to run on personal computers and minicomputers, they can now be incorporated into 1-chip microprocessors and programmable controllers, making it possible to use them in many fields.


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