Hair Prosthesis: QOL and Psychology of Patients

  • Masashi Nakayama


In order to understand the psychology of alopecia patients from AGA, etc., it is important to respect their feeling to want to go back to who they were. Even after they go through various treatments, it is not uncommon that they do not get what they wish for. It cannot be denied that the patients’ lack of confidence in their visual appearance is affecting their mental health severely; however, improving their appearance could have a significant positive effect.

For them, hair transplant surgery may be the best treatment, but it is inevitable that it sometimes fail to meet their expectations.

I propose using hair prostheses (wigs) as the alternative method to cover their problem area. Recently choices are becoming abundant. Improving visual appearance frees the patients from inferiority complex and increases their QOL significantly.


Psychology of alopecia patients AGA Appearance Hair transplant surgery Hair prostheses 

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