Training Module in Hair Restoration Surgery, a Simple Method for Beginner Surgeons and Assistants

  • Anil Kumar Garg
  • Ishita Garg
  • Seema Garg


There is a global increase in demand for hair transplantation, as well as an increasing demand for trained assistants and surgeons. It is a fact that permanent donor hair follicles are limited, and any loss during learning is permanent and irreversible, so there is no place to learn and/or practise on an actual patient.

In this learning module, the preliminary materials used are paper, pencil, plant leaf, foam and thread, while the last step of training is on goat skin. The module has been divided in multiple steps. The first step is learning the correct microsurgery position. The second step is training the movement of the wrist using paper and pencil. The third step is learning strip harvesting and slivering on a foam model. The fourth step is learning follicle dissection on a leaf model. The fifth step is practising thread follicle implantation on leaf bed. Lastly, after practising on these nonliving models, all steps are practised on goat skin, including slivering, follicle dissection and implantation of goat follicles on a leaf model.


Learning hair transplant Slivering Implantation Leaf model Goat model 


This Technique is Authors Own Innovation. This Has Been Presented in Annual Congress of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons in 2015

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  2. 2.KMC ManipalKarnatakaIndia

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