Eyelash Transplantation

  • Ali Abbasi
  • Ramin Rabani
  • Sheida Abbasi


If hair transplantation of the scalp is an art, eyelash transplantation is a masterpiece of art. While a poorly performed scalp hair-transplantation, is restorable, a poorly performed eyelash transplant is a disaster, and we can avoid this disaster with proper education. Academic knowledge about the characteristics of the eyelash follicle is essential for eyelash transplantation. Eyelashes contribute to the beauty of the eye and face, and through its blinking reflex helps protect the eye from trauma and foreign body particles such as dust and grit. Eyelash is unique among our hairs in terms of thickness, curliness, color, growth, and anagen phase, so there is no ideal location to serve as source compatible hair for eyelash transplantation. The areas of the body with the most similar hairs include the inferior nape of the neck, sideburn, eyebrow, lower leg, and back of fingers.


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