Eyebrow Transplantation in Western Asians

  • Ali Abbasi
  • Ramin Rabani
  • Sheida Abbasi


The eyebrow is an important part of the facial aesthetic appearance of men and women. The eyebrow is essential to facial emotional expression, so any change (by Aging, makeup or cosmetic surgery) in shape, size, density direction, angulation, or color can affect facial expression. Like skin and hair, the eyebrows undergo similar changes, such as aging, thinning, fading, and graying, and thus may make a person look older overtime. There are many different ways of modifying the eyebrow, one being eyebrow transplantation. Before performing eyebrow transplantation, we must understand the anatomy, eyebrow location on the face, its shape and arrangement, including size, thickness, angulation and direction of hair, and how to select a compatible donor area and technique of transplantation.


Eyebrow anatomy Indication for eyebrow transplantation Shape of eyebrow Donor site Method 


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