Hair Characteristics of East and Southeast Asians

  • Dell Kristie Ortega-Castillejos


Hair characteristics of Asians differ from Caucasians in that Asians have lesser density and thick-caliber hair shafts compared to Caucasians. The hair is usually black and straight. However, there are also particular differences even among Asians themselves. Chinese scalps with androgenetic alopecia were reported to have an average of 68.07 FU/cm2. Meanwhile in the Asian textbook by Pathomvanich et al., Koreans have an approximate density of 120 hairs/cm2. This chapter outlines the different characteristics of East and Southeast Asian hair with reference to its average density in different regions of the scalp, the total number of hairs, and the degree of miniaturization.


East Southeast Asian Hair Density Follicular unit 


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