Estimation in the Presence of Hidden Variables

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Let us consider a statistical model \(M= \left\{ p({\varvec{x}}, {\varvec{\xi }}) \right\} \), where vector random variable \({\varvec{x}}\) is divided into two parts \({\varvec{x}}= \left( {\varvec{y}}, {\varvec{h}}\right) \) so that \(p({\varvec{x}}, {\varvec{\xi }}) = p ({\varvec{y}}, {\varvec{h}} ; {\varvec{\xi }})\). When \({\varvec{x}}\) is not fully observed but \({\varvec{y}}\) is observed, \({\varvec{h}}\) is called a hidden variable.


Gaussian Mixture Model Fisher Information Hide Variable Exponential Family Restricted Boltzmann Machine 

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