Public Goods, Regulation and the Expansion of the Natural Resource Exploitation Frontier: The Future of Salmon Farming in Chile

  • Jorge Katz


The process of globalization of the world economy is strongly affecting natural resource rich countries catering for the expansion of world demand for industrial commodities, such as oil and gas, minerals, soybean oil, pulp and paper, timber, flowers, foodstuffs and more. A number of important—and yet badly under-researched—questions emerge in relation to the impact said process will have upon the long term sustainability of natural resources in peripheral economies, the knowledge base upon which the expansion of the resource exploitation frontier is to take place, the governance and regulation of natural resource based activities—which frequently involve the exploitation of a ‘common’, like oil and gas reserves, mines or forests—and the extent to which local communities are to share in the benefits of a more intensive exploitation of natural resources.


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