Skyrmion Formation in Epitaxial FeGe Thin Films

  • Naoya Kanazawa
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We study the skyrmion formation in nanostructured FeGe Hall-bar devices by measurements of topological Hall effect, which extracts the winding number of a spin texture as an emergent magnetic field. Stepwise profiles of the topological Hall resistivity are observed in the course of varying the applied magnetic field, which arise from instantaneous changes in the magnetic structure such as creation, annihilation, and discontinuous motion of skyrmions. The discrete changes in topological Hall resistivity demonstrate the quantized nature of emergent magnetic flux inherent in each skyrmion, which had been indistinguishable in many-skyrmion systems on a macroscopic scale.


Reflection High Energy Electron Diffraction Anomalous Hall Effect Reflection High Energy Electron Diffraction Pattern Circuit Line Hall Resistivity 
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