3D Skyrmion-Lattice and Topological Hall Effect in MnGe

  • Naoya Kanazawa
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We have observed topological Hall effect over a wide temperature-magnetic field region in a B20-type MnGe. The magnitude of the topological Hall resistivity is nearly temperature-independent below 70 K, which reflects the real-space emergent magnetic field proportional to a geometric quantity, so-called scalar spin chirality, of the underlying non-coplanar spin texture. From high- and small-angle neutron diffraction studies, it is anticipated that a relatively short-period (3–6 nm) topological spin structure, possibly 3D skyrmion crystal composed of three orthogonal helical structures, is stabilized as the ground state to produce the largest topological Hall response among the B20-type bulk magnets.


Triangular Lattice Berry Phase Zero Field Cool Anomalous Hall Effect Spin Chirality 
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