Summary and Future Prospects

  • Hidetoshi Sano
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In this Chapter, I summarize my Ph.D. study on the shock-cloud interaction toward the young \(\gamma \)-ray supernova remnant (SNR) RX J1713.7–3946 on the basis of a multi-wavelength study. The datasets of NANTEN / NANTEN2 CO and ATCA & Parkes HI reveal the distribution and physical condition of the overall interstellar gas, which consists of both molecular and atomic components. I obtained the first evidence that efficient cosmic ray acceleration is strongly connected to the interaction between the shock waves and interstellar gas and that cosmic ray protons are accelerated to close to the knee energy in the SNR. This investigation was conducted by comparing interstellar gas, H.E.S.S. VHE \(\gamma \)-ray, and Suzaku synchrotron X-ray data. I conclude that the interstellar gas plays an essential role in producing \(\gamma \)- and X-rays and in efficiently.


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