Transanal Robot-Assisted TME with Robot-Assisted Abdominal Laparoscopy



Open anterior resection with total mesorectal excision (TME) is the standard method of rectal cancer resection. However, this procedure remains technically difficult and has a high morbidity associated. Minimally invasive approaches may help to reduce these morbidities even though they still have some technical limitations. A robotic transanal approach could overcome some of these limitations and reduce the morbidities improving oncological and functional outcomes.

The feasibility of robotic transanal TME and set-up has been evaluated in different pilot studies.

Using the robotic technology and a specifically designed port for robotic transanal access, TME was shown to be feasible, and one specific preferred set-up was determined. Further clinical trials are still necessary to assess the safety and efficacy of this technique. In this chapter we describe a standardized technique after our initial clinical experience.

The standardization of this technique may help in this assessment and in the evolution to a natural orifice translumenal endoscopic surgery proctectomy with TME in the future.


Rectal cancer Robotic transanal surgery 


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