Transanal Robot-Assisted TME with Single-Port Abdominal Laparoscopy

  • Cristiano Germano Sigismondo Hüscher
  • Cecilia Ponzano
  • Gilda Marzullo


Transanal total mesorectal excision (taTME) is a new approach to perform minimally invasive rectal resection. It has special applications in case of low tumors, narrow pelvis, obese patients, and anteriorly located cancers. It was developed to overcome some drawbacks of laparoscopic TME, basically the difficulty of a low division of the rectum with intracorporeal stapling with a known negative distal margin.

Different platforms have been used to perform this approach, and we herein present the technique and the preliminary results of a small series of robotic transanal TME. More data is necessary to determine whether the robotic approach gives a true advantage compared with other platforms, but the robotic technique certainly gives the advantage of an extremely precise dissection under perfect tridimensional vision in a very narrow space. If this precision will reflect in better oncological and functional outcomes for patients will be the matter for further investigations.


Rectal cancer Transanal total mesorectal excision Robotic TME TaTME 


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  • Cristiano Germano Sigismondo Hüscher
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  • Cecilia Ponzano
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  • Gilda Marzullo
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