Pure Transanal Laparoscopic TME without Abdominal Laparoscopy

  • Joel Leroy
  • Usmaan Hameed
  • Ntourakis Dimitrios
  • Frédéric Bretagnol


Transanal rectal dissection was put forward by Toupet 60 years ago in 1950. The objective was to preserve the anal sphincter in low rectal tumors in patients with a narrow pelvis.

At present, there is a renewed interest due to the use of video endoscopes which allow for an excellent visualization of anatomical structures by transanal way. Following the studies of John Marks who described the laparoscopic transanal transabdominal (TATA) surgical procedure, hybrid techniques combining the transanal approach with laparoscopic assistance have increased.

Here, the authors propose a full resection technique of the rectum and of its meso using a purely transanal approach. The different steps of this technique and the required armamentarium have been perfectly described and illustrated.


Pure transanal TME Rectal cancer PROGRESS TATA NOTES 


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  2. 2.IRCAD/EITS (Research Institute Against Digestive Cancer/European Institute of TeleSurgery)StrasbourgFrance
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