Single-Port Laparoscopic TME with Low Colorectal Anastomosis



Although single-port laparoscopy for colorectal resections was initially only performed for benign disease, there is now an increasing experience for colorectal malignancy. On the other hand, as with standard multiport laparoscopic approach in rectal cancer management, single-port laparoscopy for rectal procedures raises some concern about feasibility and safety of this technically demanding surgery. To date, only few studies reported the postoperative results of this minimally invasive approach, and no randomized control trial including rectal procedures is available. However, the results of these studies and of those of systematic reviews suggest that single-port rectal surgery may be associated with satisfactory postoperative morbidity rate and might even improve the postoperative recovery. However, long-term follow-up of single-port laparoscopic total mesorectal excision (SPLTME) for rectal cancer has not been reported in any study. In this chapter we will review the available literature on the topic and detail our surgical technique for SPLTME.


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