Distribution of Farmland and Agricultural Communities

  • Kazuharu Mizuno
  • Lobsang Tenpa
Part of the International Perspectives in Geography book series (IPG, volume 6)


Agriculture in the Monpa area can be classified into three zones in terms of altitude. The appropriate form of agriculture is practiced in each zone, and this results in their characteristic agricultural products. Fallen leaves from oak trees are traditionally applied to most cultivated land as fertilizer in the Monpa area. Most parts of the rangeland in this area belong to agricultural people practicing cultivation, and they receive land rent from pastoralists. A long relationship has existed between these two types of people. A clan system is dominant in the agricultural communities of the Dirang Monpa in the Dirang area. The structure of the dwellings and lifestyle of the agricultural people in the Dirang area differ from those in the Tawang area. Rapid developments are taking place in the Monpa area. These have led to the disappearance of many traditional aspects of life and the introduction of modern lifestyles in its agricultural communities. The main focus of this chapter is on these changes to the agricultural communities in the Monpa area.


Clan Fallen leaves Maize Lifestyle Loan system 


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