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His Majesty the Emperor and the Deep Sea

  • Koki Horikoshi


On April 2, 1996, I received a phone call from Chamberlain Katsusuke Meguro of the Imperial Household Agency. He told me: “His Majesty The Emperor read The Times of 18 March and would like to know more about the organisms found at 10,000 m in the Mariana Trench.” The Emperor is famous as a biologist. I said that I would be honoured to come and asked when the best time might be as I had to attend the International Meeting for Extremophiles in Portugal at the end of May. Finally we arranged the meeting for July 2 at 3 pm at the Fukiage Palace (Private Palace). Sachiko asked why I had imposed my schedule on the Emperor. Chamberlain Meguro said that the Emperor always made arrangements to suit the scientist’s convenience.


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