An \(SL_{2}(\mathbb{C})\) Topological Invariant of Knots

  • Weiping Li
Conference paper
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In this note, we show that the \(SL_{2}(\mathbb{C})\) algebro-geometric invariant defined in Li and Wang (Int. J. Math. 22(9):1209–1230, 2011) for knots is indeed an \(SL_{2}(\mathbb{C})\) topological invariant. The main ingredient is our short geometric proof of the coincidence of the algebro-geometric multiplicity and topological multiplicity of the intersection of curves on a smooth surface.


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The author would like to thank Qingxue Wang and Baosen Wu for many helpful discussions related to this work, and also grateful to Baosen Wu for the proof of Theorem 1.


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  1. 1.Southwest Jiaotong UniversityCollege of MathematicsSichuanPeople’s Republic of China
  2. 2.Department of MathematicsOklahoma State UniversityStillwaterUSA

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