The Teesta River and Its Basin Area

  • Md. Fakrul Islam
Part of the New Frontiers in Regional Science: Asian Perspectives book series (NFRSASIPER, volume 8)


This chapter shows a pen-picture of the Teesta River and its basin area. The spatio-physical nature, geomorphic and hydrological characteristics of water use systems at the downstream of the Teesta River have been discussed. Besides these, salient features of the Dalia barrage projects of both in India and Bangladesh territory have been cited. General features of the two barrages on the Teesta River: Dalia and Gazoldoba, and on the basis of using Teesta water and land productivity, total and marginal productivity under the both targeted irrigation area have been discussed. Disastrous effects on agricultural production in Bangladesh caused by the Gazoldoba barrage, problems created by excessive discharge of water and deluge (for example, effects of recent severe flooding) have also been discussed. Some whole news on the severity of the problem at Dalia and major concerns published in various news media since 2003 to August 2015 have been cited directly.


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