Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation Awareness in Rural Bangladesh

  • Akira SakaiEmail author
  • Maiko Sakamoto
  • Kunio Takahashi
Part of the New Frontiers in Regional Science: Asian Perspectives book series (NFRSASIPER, volume 4)


Safe drinking water and sanitation are closely related to the environmental and health risks faced by villagers in the rural areas of Bangladesh where tube-well arsenic contamination is an issue of particular concern. Since a significant percentage of the people affected by this problem have poor access to safe drinking water, the risk of increasing numbers of people suffering from arsenicosis is considered to be high. Regarding access to sanitation facilities, while the coverage ratio of improved facilities is increasing, improper management of existing facilities is often observed in rural areas. In this chapter, the authors conducted questionnaire surveys related to safe drinking water and sanitation awareness in two rural Bangladeshi villages with differing socio-environments. Based on the results of those surveys, the current status and local awareness levels of issues concerning drinking water and sanitation in their villages will be compared while taking socio-environmental differences into consideration. The authors will also discuss how the questionnaire survey results were used to help the villagers discuss alternatives that will improve their living environments and reduce health risks through the mitigation of arsenic contamination and sanitation improvements.


Arsenic contamination Health risk Awareness on safety of drinking water 



The authors would like to thank Prof. Yoshimi Hagihara, Prof. Kiyoko Hagihara and Mr. Sho Shibata for their kind advice during the formulation of this research, and for their contributions to the questionnaire design. The authors also thank Mr. Qazi Azad-uz-zaman, Mr. Tofayel Ahmed, Mr. Yusouf Ali and the members of related NGOs working in the research areas for their assistance with administration of the questionnaire survey s.


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