Anomalous Rashba Effect of a Bi Thin Film on Si(111)

  • Akari TakayamaEmail author
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This chapter describes the high-resolution spin- and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (spin-resolved ARPES) result of bismuth thin film on silicon (111) substrate to investigate the spin structure of surface states. Unlike the conventional Rashba splitting, the magnitude of the in-plane spin polarization was found to be asymmetric between the two elongated surface hole pockets across the Brillouin-zone center. Moreover, the spin polarization has a giant out-of-plane component as large as the in-plane counterpart which switches the sign across the \(\overline{\Gamma }\overline{\text{M}}\) line. These observations are discussed in relation to the threefold symmetry of the bilayer Bi crystal.


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