Solvent-Dependent Luminescence of Octa-Coordinated Eu(III) Complexes

  • Kohei MiyataEmail author
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Solvent-dependent luminescence of Eu(III) complexes composed of oxo-linked bidentate phosphine oxide ligands, 4,5-bis(diphenylphosphoryl)-9,9-dimethylxanthene (xantpo), 4,5-bis(di-tert-butylphosphoryl)-9,9-dimethylxanthene (tBu-xantpo) and low-vibrational frequency hexafluoroacety-lacetonato (hfa) ligands is reported. The Eu(III) complexes, Eu(hfa)2(xantpo)2 and Eu(hfa)3(tBu-xantpo), exhibit octa-coordinated square antiprism and trigonal dodecahedron structure, respectively. Their emission quantum yield, emission lifetime, and radiative and non-radiative rate constant are characterized using acetone, acetone-d 6, toluene, chloroform, and DMF. The relationship between photophysical properties and coordination structures of octa-coordinated Eu(III) complexes is discussed for the first time.


Solvent-dendency Dodecahedron Radiative rate Nonradiative rate 


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