Filters and Films for Liquid Crystal Devices

  • Tatsuki Nagatsuka
  • Kunihiro Ichimura
  • Yoji Ito
  • Motohiro Yamahara
  • Takehiro Toyooka


The research on birefringence and polarization has a long history and began with the discovery of light polarization by the Dutch scientist Christiaan Huygens in 1690 when he was experimenting with two calcite plates. Then, Etienne L. Malus accidentally discovered that the light reflected at an angle from the windows of Luxembourg Palace was polarized, which he reported in 1809, and in 1812 David Brewster announced the law of light polarization by reflection and refraction, which now takes his name. Furthermore, William Herapath discovered in 1852 that a synthetic crystalline compound, iodoquinine sulfate (also called herapathite), can polarize the light of all wavelengths in the visible region, a phenomenon that is now the underlying principle of current absorption-type polarizers.


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