Robotic Surgery in General Thoracic Surgery

  • Hyun-Sung Lee
  • Hee-Jin Jang


Robotic assistance can facilitate minimally invasive surgery (MIS) and has been widely adopted across multiple specialties. This article reviews the published literature on the use of this technology for the treatment of thoracic diseases and describes the robot-assisted thoracoscopic techniques for lung cancer and mediastinal tumors. Although the most common use for robotics has been to treat urologic oncologic conditions, it has also widely started to be adopted for general thoracic surgeries. For early-stage lung cancer treatment, there is evidence that robotics offers short-term benefits, such as shorter lengths of stay (LOS) and decreased postoperative pain, with safety profiles and oncologic outcomes comparable with open or thoracoscopic approaches. However, long-term oncologic outcomes are generally lacking, and robotic surgeries are more costly than open or thoracoscopic surgeries. Therefore, whether the benefits of robotics justify the higher costs warrant large comparative effectiveness studies with long-term outcomes.


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I would like to send a great thanks to my mentor, Dr. Jae Ill Zo for always being in my corner with great support. And, I appreciate all my patients and colleagues for my robotic surgeries.


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