SALPS for Stochastic Assembly Line

  • Masayuki Matsui
Part of the International Series in Operations Research & Management Science book series (ISOR, volume 202)


Numerous studies based on a deterministic or stochastic approach have examined ALSs. However, no stochastic models have yet been found that are able to deal with the simultaneous determination of cycle time and buffers . We have already presented a two stage design method for the simultaneous determination using an SCA. This chapter therefore develops SALPS for the stopper/no-stopper type using the two-stage design method . SALPS consists of (area) line balancing, buffer design (items/time), and a pair strategy map. This Matsui–Yamada method can adjust strategically to follow demand changes according to the pair strategy map consisting of cycle times (input) and the number of stations (output). A numerical example for SALPS performance is given and the ellipse theory in the pair strategy map is discussed.


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