Performance System for Real-Time Management

  • Masayuki Matsui
Part of the International Series in Operations Research & Management Science book series (ISOR, volume 202)


There is a stochastic/intelligence enterprise problem in real-time and big data environments. These problems are illustrated in this chapter. Real-time management must be promoted, with the look-ahead balancing problem with delays (lead-time) becoming more important to enterprises. This problem includes the black-boxed treatment of larger delays (gains) to feed-forward control, which appears in larger ship control and would bring the newer and forthcoming subject beyond the feedback focus in traditional control theory. Section  5.1 presents a sandwich theory and develops a real-time theory and a look-ahead logic with delays to model enterprise-organizational behavior under big data. Also, Sect.  5.2 focuses on another performance-indexing method and decision system using a matrix approach (white-box type), and would give the scenario thinking for strategy.


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