Progressive Control Method

  • Masayuki Matsui
Part of the International Series in Operations Research & Management Science book series (ISOR, volume 202)


Some traditional methods of inventory control are statistical approaches that cannot deal with real demand fluctuations in modern society. In this chapter, we develop a look-ahead method for on-demand supply by using the pull-type progressive control method and apply it to inventory control in each stage of the supply chain. The presented method is an innovative/stochastic approach to supply chain control that provides an effective tool for demand-to-supply SCM in the RFID age (medium control tool). The key concept is the introduction of moving-standard inventory using the newsvendor problem and Matsui’s logic for its look-ahead. Several case studies are presented using the ODICS software, which is employed by wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers, and notable reductions in inventory are shown in all cases.


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  • Masayuki Matsui
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  1. 1.The University of Electro-CommunicationsChofuJapan
  2. 2.Department of Industrial Engineering and Management Faculty of EngineeringKanagawa UniversityYokohamaJapan

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