Atomic Level Calculation

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In this chapter, we will review the atomic many-body physics needed in the study of the electric dipole moment (EDM). We will first examine the formulation of the atomic EDM due to these P, CP-odd interactions and see the difference between paramagnetic and diamagnetic atoms. We will then present the high quality atomic many-body calculations of the EDMs of the systems of interest (Tl, Xe, Hg, Rn, Ra). We will review the employed mean-field methods and give their results. In the subsequent section, we will derive the contribution to the EDM of diamagnetic atoms using analytic formulae. We finally summarize the dependences of the EDMs of the relevant systems on P, CP-odd processes. Note that in this appendix the electric charge \(e\) is defined as \(e=|e|>0\), the convention of Chap.  7.


Valence Electron Electric Dipole Moment Valence Nucleon Paramagnetic Atom Electron Electric Dipole Moment 


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