Nuclear Level Calculation

  • N. Yamanaka
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In this chapter, we will review the nuclear many-body physics needed in the study of the electric dipole moment (EDM). We will first see the ab initio calculations of the EDMs of light nuclei (deuteron and He). We will then review in detail the screening of the P, CP-odd nuclear EDM in atomic system pointed by Schiff and the formula of the nuclear Schiff moment as important P, CP-odd mechanism contributing to the atomic EDM. We will next present the derivation of the leading P, CP-odd nuclear moments (the nuclear EDM, Schiff moment and magnetic quadrupole moment) for heavy nuclei within a simple model. After this simple calculation, a sophisticated mean-field approach is reviewed, and its results for the evaluation of the nuclear Schiff moments of heavy nuclei (Xe, Hg, Rn and Ra) are presented. We finally summarize the nuclear level P, CP-odd moments for all nuclei relevant to the discussions in this chapter. Note that the electric charge \(e\) is defined as \(e=|e|>0\) in this chapter, in contrast to the previous chapters.


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