Classification of RPV Couplings and RPV Dependence to EDM Observables

  • N. Yamanaka
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In Chap.  11, we have obtained the R-parity violating (RPV) contribution to the fermion electric dipole moment (EDM), quark chromo-EDM and the P, CP-odd 4-fermion interactions. In this chapter, we classify the RPV bilinears contributing to the elementary level P, CP-odd processes into several types. This classification will play an important role in our phenomenological analysis. Once classified, we will review the dependence of the EDM observables on RPV bilinears derived from hadronic, nuclear and atomic level calculations, seen in detail in Part II. Roughly speaking, we will derive the linear coefficient of the EDM observable on the RPV bilinears. This is the zeroth step of our analysis.


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