Introduction: Bottom-Up Methodology for Integrating Synthetic Double Helix Molecules Via Self-Assembly Process

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In nature, small molecules hierarchically form ordered assemblies with various modes and properties and are integrated into macroscopic soft substances. For example, actin proteins form secondary structures such as α-helices and β-sheets and then fibrous higher assemblies, which further assemble to form muscles; tubulin proteins form dimers, which aggregate to form a protofilament and then a microtubule. Biological cells are vesicles that contain various vesicular organelles such as liposomes and nuclei. It is thus interesting to control the interactions between molecular complexes and to develop such hierarchical soft-assembly-forming systems using synthetic macromolecules, because such studies will lead to an understanding of natural phenomena and the development of new materials. For this purpose, I examined to develop a bottom-up methodology for integrating synthetic macromolecules via assembly formation using double-helix-forming chiral oligomers (Fig. 1.1).


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