How to Initiate DCD Program for Lung Transplantation

  • Stig Steen


A program for uncontrolled lung DCD must be adapted to the sensitivity of the general public regarding which procedures that may be done on a dead body. A reliable ex vivo method to ensure adequate function of the potential DCD lung is mandatory to predict a successful outcome for the recipient. An absolutely reliable test to demonstrate that a protocol for uncontrolled lung DCD is safe is to do left lung transplantation in an adult-sized pig with the DCD lung in question, followed by right pneumonectomy, thereby making the recipient pig 100 % dependent for its survival on the transplanted DCD lung. If the gas exchange and general condition of the recipient pigs do not significantly differ from healthy pigs, in which only right pneumonectomy has been done, the protocol is safe and may be proposed for clinical use to the Ethics Committee.


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