Study of Transmission and Reflection Characteristics of Microstrip Line During Application of Noise Suppression Sheet by Adhesive

  • Lim Yang Wei
  • Kyota Otsuka
  • Takanobu Ohno
Conference paper


Noise suppression sheets (NSS) have been widely used to reduce high-frequency electromagnetic interference. Adhesive is necessary during application of noise suppression sheets to integrated circuit or transmission line. In this paper, transmission and reflection characteristics of microstrip line (MSL) are studied when varying thickness of adhesive is used for NSS application. Both simulations and experimental results show that at frequency higher than cutoff frequency, the greater thickness or dielectric constant of adhesive tape increased the power transmission. At the same time, power reflection is decreased. We also observed that adhesive with higher dielectric constant showed small increase of transmission relatively at high frequency.


Transmission Line Cutoff Frequency Adhesive Tape High Dielectric Constant Complex Permittivity 
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  1. 1.Kisarazu National College of TechnologyKisarazuJapan

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