Media Conversion of Paralinguistic and Nonlinguistic Speech Information into Animated Texts for Foreign Language Learning

  • Nur Syafikah Binti Samsudin
  • Kazunori Mano
Conference paper


The use of visualization in speech utterances is very efficient for the study of foreign language learning or welfare application in the hearing impairment field. In this paper, we propose a media conversion interface of speech sounds into rich animated texts. As a confirmation method, it will help nonnative speakers who are learning foreign languages to check their pronunciations. In the system, user’s speech attribute information that includes paralinguistic and nonlinguistic information is converted into text attribute information. In this research, the easier representation format of texts is designed. As for speech information, we examine accent types and position of pauses in mora units contained in Japanese speech sentences. The extracted data are visualized into animated texts; then, the texts are evaluated by 13 Japanese language learners from Malaysia.


Text Information Speech Data Text Element Speech Information Pitch Accent 
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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Systems Engineering and Science, Shibaura Institute of Technology, Graduate School of Engineering and ScienceSaitamaJapan

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