Development of Simulation Service Platform Based on Cloud Computing for Manufacturing Industry

  • Sang-Hyun Cho
Part of the Proceedings in Information and Communications Technology book series (PICT, volume 4)


Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) is very helpful field for every manufacturing industry including foundry. It covers CAD, CAM, and simulation technology also, and becomes as common sense in developing new products and processes. In South Korea, more than 600 foundries exist, and their average employee number is less than 40. Moreover, average age of them becomes higher. To break out these situations of foundry, software tools can be effective, and many commercial software tools had already been introduced. But their high costs and risks of investment act as difficulties in introducing the software tools to SMEs (Small and Medium size Enterprise). So we had developed cloud computing platform to propagate the CAE technologies to foundries. It includes HPC (High Performance Computing), platforms and software. So that users can try, enjoy, and utilize CAE software at cyber space without any investment. In addition, we also developed platform APIs (Application Programming Interface) to import not only our own CAE codes but also 3rd-party’s packages to our cloud-computing platforms. As a result, CAE developers can upload their products on cloud platforms and distribute them through internet.


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