The Merger of Spinning Black Hole–Neutron Star Binaries

  • Koutarou Kyutoku
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In this chapter, numerical simulations are performed for a wide range of nondimensional BH spin parameter, \(a\), as well as for a variety of the mass ratios, \(Q\). For nonspinning BH–NS binaries, we already found that the low mass ratio of \(Q \lesssim 3\) is required for tidal disruption of NSs to occur sufficiently outside the ISCO of the BH unless the EOS is extremely stiff. If the tidal disruption occurs inside or at an orbit very close to the ISCO, we do not see strong effects of the tidal disruption. In such cases, gravitational waveforms are similar to those of a BH–BH binary even in the merger phase, and the mass of the remnant disk is negligible [1]. However, the allowed range of the mass ratio for the tidal disruption is modified drastically for a BH–NS binary with the prograde BH spin [2, 3] because the ISCO radius of the BH with a prograde spin becomes smaller by a factor of 1–6 [4] than that of the nonspinning BH with the same mass. Strong spin effects for the tidal disruption are also found in the numerical-relativity simulation of the spinning BH–NS binary merger with a simplified, \(\varGamma \)-law EOS [5]. In this chapter, we perform a more systematic study of the tidal disruption for different EOSs, masses of each component, and BH spins.


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