Synthesis and Properties of π-Stacked Vinyl Polymers

  • Tamaki Nakano


Synthesis, structure, and function of poly(dibenzofulvene) and its derivatives and analogues are π-stacked vinyl polymers. π-Stacked polymers indicate characteristic properties such as remarkable hypochromism in absorbance spectra and upfield shifts of signals in NMR spectra and also reduced oxidation potential and charge mobility. These properties are based on strong interactions between stacked aromatic groups that are not seen in isolated molecular systems. As π-stacked polymers can mediate charge mobility, they have a potential in applications for organic electronics. π-Stacked polymers are advantageous over main-chain conjugated polymers and can find wider applications due to the facts that they are colorless and that, in general, they have higher solubility compared with conjugated polymers. We envisage that π-stacked polymers can be excellent complements to main-chain conjugation polymers in practical polymer materials science and, further, that they could exhibit their own characteristic properties that are yet to be explored.


Circular Dichroism Circular Dichroism Spectrum Anionic Polymerization Vinyl Polymer Chiroptical Property 
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The authors thank all collaborators involved in our research projects described in this chapter. This work was supported by MEXT (Japan) through Grants-in-Aid 25288051 and 25620091, JST ACT-C Project, the Asahi Glass Foundation, and the Sumitomo Foundation.


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