Japan and an Asian Perspective

  • Hidefumi Imura


This final chapter is the epilogue of the book. It provides a quick glance at economic development in Asia in the trend of market globalization and briefly discusses its implications in the light of Japanese experiences. From a holistic point of view, the historical processes of the emergence of environmental problems and the evolution of environmental measures and policy in Asian countries including Japan occurred with only short time lags, and they exhibit common features and similar patterns in many respects. Environmental policies in China, India, and ASEAN countries will be closely coupled with both global and national economic growth and structural transformation. Meanwhile, the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred in Japan in March 2011, involving tsunami and the meltdown of nuclear power plants. The consequences of the failures in nuclear power plants have caused interrelated, profound, and complex impacts on Japan’s economy, energy, and environment issues, casting a large shadow on initiatives aiming to create a low-carbon society.


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