Magnetoelectric Response in Triangular Lattice Antiferromagnets

  • Shinichiro Seki
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Triangular lattice antiferromagnet is one of the simplest and most typical examples of frustrated spin system. When we assume classical Heisenberg spins and consider only the nearest neighbor interaction, 120 degree spin order becomes magnetic ground state. However, depending on the strength of next-nearest neighbor (or more distant) interaction and magnetic anisotropy, more complex magnetic order can also be realized. The purpose of this chapter is to investigate the magnetoelectric response of various types of magnetic order in triangular lattice. Interestingly, the geometry of triangular lattice often allows the appearance of magnetically-induced ferroelectricity that cannot be explained by either exchange striction or inverse D–M mechanism. Here, we pick up several layered oxides with delafossite or ordered rocksalt structure (CuFeO2 and CuCrO2) as well as layered halides with CdI2-type structure (MnI2), and attempt to clarify their origin of unique magnetoelectric coupling. We also performed several experiments from the viewpoints of impurity-doping effect, domain control, and dynamics.


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