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Magnetoelectric effects, the electric control of magnetic properties or its inverse effect, have been studied for long because of its potential for novel physics and application. “Multiferroics” means material with both dielectric and magnetic orders. Since 1960s, this group of materials has been expected to show large magnetoelectric effects, although so far only few multiferroics have been discovered and the coupling between magnetic and dielectric properties are very weak in general. Recently (2003-), however, some frustrated magnets with a spiral spin order have been reported to show ferroelectricity. In this group of multiferroics, the ferroelectricity is coupled with the spiral spin order, which enables the magnetic control of dielectric properties via phase transition. Magnetic frustration sometimes reduces the symmetry of spin structure, which is now believed to affect the symmetry of charge distribution and induces ferroelectricity. In this chapter, a brief history of the study of magnetoelectric effects, as well as the aim of this thesis, are provided.


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