Development of efficient synthetic approaches for biologically active compounds, including natural products, is a prominent goal of modern organic chemistry. Transition-metal-catalyzed domino/cascade reactions are a useful tool for the direct construction of complicated compounds. These reactions can enhance the synthetic efficiency, and minimize the requirement for separation processes and waste production (for reviews, see Refs. [1–5]). Allenes are an important class of compounds with unique reactivity because of their cumulative double bonds. They have hybrid characteristics of an alkene and an alkyne, which makes them highly reactive toward a wide range of transition metals. Therefore, many attractive reactions of allenic compounds by transition metal catalysis have been developed (for reviews, see Refs. [6–11]); palladium-catalyzed cyclizations of allenes and related compounds have been used extensively for construction of cyclic compounds (for recent books and reviews on palladium-catalyzed cyclization of allenes, see Refs. [12–15]).


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