Other Complications (Including Laparoscopy-Assisted Distal Gastrectomy in Obese and Elderly Patients)

  • Gyu-Seok Cho
  • Seung Wan Ryu
  • Kazuyuki Kojima


The performance of laparoscopic gastrectomy for early gastric cancer has been increasing rapidly as the advantages of laparoscopic surgery have become known. Nevertheless, laparoscopic gastrectomy has not been readily performed on elderly or obese patients because of the risks involved. Although laparoscopic surgery had not been readily performed for other diseases in their early stages, it is currently emerging as the treatment of choice for elderly or obese patients.


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  2. 2.Department of Surgery and Division of Gastrointestinal SurgeryThe Keimyung University School of MedicineDaegu-siRepublic of Korea
  3. 3.Surgical Oncology, Graduate School of MedicineTokyo Medical and Dental UniversityBunkyo-kuJapan

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