Collection of the Specimens from the World

  • Syozo Osawa
  • Zhi-Hui Su
  • Yûki Imura


Analysis from All Over the World When Y.I. joined the carabid research team, BRH members S.O., Z.-H.S., and others had already completed analyses of most of the Japanese Carabinae species with considerable assistance from Osamu Tominaga. The group was hoping to extend their analysis to species found in other countries. To carry out work on a worldwide scale, the greatest challenge was procuring useable specimens.


Sichuan Province Pitfall Trap Giant Panda Hind Wing Carabid Beetle 
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  • Yûki Imura
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  3. 3.JT Biohistory Research HallTakatsuki, OsakaJapan
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