Limitation of Fiber Fractionation-Refining Process to Improve Paper Strength Using Recycled OCC Pulp

  • Mousa M. Nazhad
Conference paper


The linerboard is produced by several plies derived from various pulps. When it is manufactured from pulp of virgin fibers and from pulp containing recycled fibers, it is usually called kraftliner and testliner, respectively. The medium is a single ply product with a fluted (wavy) structure and is sandwiched between two linerboards to form the corrugated board for boxes. The corrugated container has a long history of recycling for many years. The major problem of recycling old corrugated container (OCC) is the decrease of recycled pulp strength. The fractionation of recycled pulp has a potential to upgrade the supplying fibers to enable the production of higher paper grades providing better formulation. One proposed process is to fractionate the recycled OCC pulp into long and short fibers. And the long fibers are refined and recombined with short fibers to be a new stock. However, the results obtained are different among authors as follows [1, 2, 3, 4].


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  • Mousa M. Nazhad
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  1. 1.Pulp and Paper TechnologyAsian Institute of TechnologyPathumuthaniThailand
  2. 2.Resources and Development Asian Institute of TechnologySchool of EnvironmentPathumuthaniThailand

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