From Bossou to the Forests of Liberia

  • Gaku Ohashi
Part of the Primatology Monographs book series


Bossou is located only a few kilometers away from the national border between Guinea and Liberia. The forest extends across the national border, and Bossou chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes verus) occasionally range into Liberia. We started surveys in Liberia in 2006, and confirmed the presence of chimpanzees in at least three areas: Bonla, Nimba Mountains, and Kpayee-Lepula. Chimpanzees in Liberia face various threats. Meanwhile, the Manon people are widely distributed around this region. By understanding their traditional beliefs, we may be able to find a good way for promoting coexistence between human and chimpanzees in this transboundary region.


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I wish to thank the Direction Nationale de la Recherche Scientifique et Technologique (DNRST), and the Institut de Recherche Environnementale de Bossou (IREB), for permission to conduct research in Guinea. I am also grateful for the support of the Superintendent of Nimba County for his warm welcome and kind support of my preliminary work in Liberia. I also thank Prof. Tetsuro Matsuzawa for his supervision. Special thanks are due to the local assistants – Boniface Zogbila, Pascal Goumy, Jiles Doré, Paquilé Chérif, and Henry Gbéregbé – for their hard work in the field. The research was financially supported by grants from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (nos. 12002009 and 16002001) to Prof. T. Matsuzawa, a grant of JSPS AA Science Platform Program to Prof. T. Furuichi, and the Global Environment Research Fund (F-061) of the Ministry of the Environment, Japan, to Dr. T. Nishida.


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